Wise Rock builds software that dramatically amplifies, rather than replaces, human capability

Powered by a modern tech stack and an intuitive user interface, we’ve reimagined data visualization for organizations building the future of Oil and Gas.

Our Product

Wise Rock’s product integrates data from disparate systems of record into an intuitive, lightning-fast web app to help customers visualize their production at scale, categorize variance events, and collaborate in the context of the data. We provide a seamless workflow, allowing production engineers to diagnose and solve critical problems, increasing operational efficiency and clawing back lost production daily.

Wise Rock now sits at an exciting inflection point. We have proven product-market fit, reaching significant market share with over 10% of onshore U.S. oil production now being managed with Wise Rock. 

product illustration

Our Values


To have the good of others as our primary motive.


To make decisions that we believe to be right and good in the face of the unknown.


To always remember that there is nothing we have that has not been given to us. 


To have consistency between what we say and what we practice, in all contexts of our lives.

Built on an Idea

Wise Rock was founded based on the idea that something great happens when people with shared values come together to build an awesome product.

At Wise Rock, our shared values are Love, Courage, Humility, and Integrity. We desire to cultivate a culture where we can have unity under these values and diversity in how they are expressed. There will always be a range of how our values are embodied every day, but we believe we can hold the tension of what unifies us and what makes us unique (our personalities, stories, experiences, and roles) in a way that orients Wise Rock, its employees, and its business ventures.

Our hope is that the values that shape our culture will be felt and experienced externally through the software we build, the way we treat customers, and the legacy that we are able to leave through our employees.

We acknowledge that in some ways, living according to these values will always be aspirational. We will fail sometimes, but the alternative is not to try. We are choosing to try.

Our Team

Brock Meyer

Founder and CEO

Aaron Berg


Cade Stinemetz

Director of People
and Culture

Jordan Ringo

Director of Operations

Allie Dupree

Director of Brand
and Content

Kevin Pollak

Director of Customer Success

Calvin Caraway

Digital Petroleum Engineer

Clay Rankin

Digital Petroleum Engineer

Caleb McBride

Analytics Engineer

Yupei Chen

Analytics Engineer

Ryan Riley

Principal Fullstack
Software Engineer

Logan Nichols

Principal Fullstack
Software Engineer

Long Mai

Principal Fullstack
Software Engineer

Joel Armendariz

Senior Fullstack
Software Engineer

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Join our team as we build software that advances not only Oil & Gas production optimization but also redemptive purposes in the world

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